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3D Printing

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3D-Printing has been a strange experience for us as Computer Scientits - as the above photograph of us (from left: Ken, Liam and Lee) in white lab coats shows. We started out investigating the use of additive manufacturing based on Ultimaker PLA deposition pronters. We developed a number of simulation models and software for generating 3D-printable objects and have built up a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory and a capability including:

Our primary activities concern developing a suite of software - embodying our own algorithms - for programatically generating complex systems designs based on our own simulations. However, of necessity we also have had to build and manage a manufacturing facility, and have made a number of digitally manufactured objects for demonstration purposes to colleague and collaborators. We are presently branching out into use of laser cutters for asembling some complex systems models using a layered approach, and are also investing in a large object printer capable of making 2-metre objects.

Some Areas of Research Involving 3D-Printing

The links below connect to Technical Notes or peer-reviewed and published articles on various areas of our 3D-Printing and Digital Manufacturing research activities. Links are to abstracts and bibliographic details, and in most cases also link onwards to a full-PDF version of each article.

CSI-0068: 3D Printing for Visualisation of the Complex Physical Structures of Agent-Based Simulation Models on Lattices

CSI-0027: 3D Print Technology for Cellular Agent-Based Growth Models

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